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shitzu Dog Bam-bam

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Gender: Male
Age: 40
Last Activity: 108 month(s) ago
City: Maasin
Country: Philippines

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Dog, shitzu

Pet: Bam-bam

Name Bam-bam
Nickname Bam-Bam
Species Dog
Breed shitzu
Gender Male
Hometown Maasin City
Country United States
Zipcode 6600
Birthdate 2008-09-13
Height 8 inchs.
Weight 5 kls.
Favorite Activity sleeping, and playing with minggoy the cat...
Favorite Park rizal park maasin city
Favorite Food anything sweet...
Favorite Toy shoes, slipper etc. hehehe....
Favorite Shows prison break, mr.bean, popeye, tom and jerry
Favorite Music eng'rng song by realive
Favorite Movies transformers
Best Trick jumping
Likes to eat and play hide and seek
Bio official dog of the realive band
About Me

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Sep 10, 2009 invited pow kyo!!! bam-bam's 1st bday... 3 Comments
Dec 05, 2008 may mga bagong pic na nman ako sa beach!! 3 Comments
Nov 30, 2008 first tym ko magbeach!! 3 Comments

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Posted By: snowhite 2010/10/09 11:33:20 PM
grabe tagal ko na d on ngaun lang huhuhuh........ waRfF WArFF

Posted By: snowhite 2010/03/08 12:18:19 AM
long time no see.....Aw.aw

Posted By: snowhite 2010/03/08 12:17:50 AM
hello po

Posted By: dilan ^_^ 2009/12/21 10:55:06 AM
..oh my god.. your super duper cute.. like it..! XD

Posted By: Sushi 2009/12/18 08:13:53 PM
musta po? chiily cold lately noh?Rruff!rRuff!@

Posted By: Princess Snow White 2009/10/28 12:21:30 AM
i mean UR SOOO CUTEEEEE !!!:)♥

Posted By: Princess Snow White 2009/10/27 11:42:38 PM
ur welcome woof! u r cute too :)

Posted By: Shaquil 2009/10/22 12:45:56 AM
thanks fOr the add frieNd..

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/08/28 08:40:14 AM
Uo nga sana mkapaglaro tau someday.,=) buti ka pa patravel travel ln..hehe..aq hanggang pasyal2 ln pag nilalabas nla momi.

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/08/16 05:29:07 AM
Hi bam! oki naman aq..eto wala pa din playmate..loner pa din..kaw? anu balita?

Posted By: lakay macoy 2009/05/23 06:46:59 PM
hi bam-bam! please join us in www.passion-for-pets.com JUST GO TO FORUM then register. thanks.

Posted By: flappy 2009/05/11 11:28:35 PM
hi bambam! cute cute naman pix mo dun sa beach..

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/04/25 11:08:06 PM
Onga noh bam.,wow,saya2 cguro noh?. aq dpa makapagouting ksama cla momi..dpa xe cla nagbbeach eh..di xe aq pde sa pool..huhu..

Posted By: nippi 2009/04/24 08:09:30 AM
Hi bambam! oo nag enjoy ako wid my dady. i missed him na nga and lagi sya twag at usap ako. he said miss daw nya kakulitan ko. san k nman naglakwatsa dis summer?

Posted By: Luna Baby 2009/04/23 09:51:41 PM
owkei din nman aquh.. yngat!

Posted By: nippi 2009/04/19 09:32:01 AM
Hello bambam! i have been busy mkipagbonding sa daddy ko for 3weeks. how are u na?

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/04/18 09:05:53 AM
hehe..jan ka na ln magswimming sa pool nyo.,=)

Posted By: ...♫nikki♫... 2009/04/16 11:44:22 PM
hi bam-bam musta ka na???....keep safe....arf arf arf

Posted By: Luna Baby 2009/04/16 09:40:53 PM
hi bam-bam!! mztah k nah? arf! arf!!

Posted By: Odie Schnitzel 2009/04/15 05:47:31 AM
you're so cute...my sis like to have like you too! arff! arff! arff!

Posted By: †Pattie† 2009/04/13 11:21:52 AM
I mean 2007. :P

Posted By: †Pattie† 2009/04/13 11:02:57 AM
Hi! Thanks for the comment! B.T.W. Pattie is dead na. :( 2008 pa.

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/04/09 05:11:31 AM
Summer na ah,nagswimming ka na ba? hehe..nagouting na kau?.

Posted By: Toulouse de Corbet 2009/04/06 03:52:31 AM
hi bambam, kmusta ka na? balik daw ako sa vet bukas, takot ako....

Posted By: mizuki 2009/04/03 09:31:47 PM
hi bambam...thanx for dropping by..frends n tau huh... chut-chut mu nmn...=*

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/04/03 09:28:37 AM
Im doing fine bambam.,kaw kmuzta na ang cutie bambam?.

Posted By: SAINT ELMO 2009/04/03 06:55:59 AM
HeY bAm BaM AnO KaInMo plis!!!!!

Posted By: TISOY 2009/04/02 08:26:00 AM
Pasyal ka naman sa blogsite namin sa www.petizone.blogspot.com to see our pics and vids.

Posted By: Skittles 2009/04/02 05:37:47 AM
weee 1st dogie friend meow!!!

Posted By: Virus 2009/04/02 05:07:08 AM
hi bam!!!ok naman aku..hehe kw kei din sana,,hehe

Posted By: TISOY 2009/04/02 03:23:40 AM
Hello Bam, cute ka pa rin ba? Ako hindi na raw cute kasi malaki na ko, huhuhu.

Posted By: Odie Schnitzel 2009/04/01 05:48:40 AM
arff! arff!!...ur my 1st new friend here...buti nlng sinali ako ni mommy ko dito..hehehe. arff! arff!!!

Posted By: SAINT ELMO 2009/03/31 09:57:54 AM
ei...wazup!!! Have a nice day Bam-Bam!!!!

Posted By: chichi 2009/03/29 01:16:58 AM
hello.. i tink i look like u...hehehe

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/28 03:07:59 AM
im doing gud.... take care!! slee muna me then maya laro me arrff arrff arrff

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/27 02:57:21 AM
arff arff!! cute ka po... anu na gawa mo ngaun?? ako kinikulit ko lng c mommy para pansinin ako.. arff arff arff

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/26 04:07:13 AM
ive noticed, ang cute mo rin pala!!! soooo cute!!arff arff arff!!!

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/26 04:05:18 AM
okay... yngat din.. gud pm.. laro lng me dito na daddy ko eh.. arff! arff! arff!

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/26 03:59:08 AM
yah sure we can be friends!! everyone is welcome to be my friends!!! arff! arff! arff!!

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/26 03:02:37 AM
hi bam-bam!! thanks for adding me as to be your friends here, and thank u also for saying me im cute, arf arf arf!! thanx for the compliment!!! have a nice day!!

Posted By: kobe 2009/03/26 03:00:46 AM
hi bam-bam!! thanks for adding me to be one of your friends here, and thank for the complument.. arrff! arrff! arrff!!! have a nice day!!!

Posted By: Toulouse de Corbet 2009/03/26 01:14:40 AM
hehe baho ko na e, amoy wee wee... =D

Posted By: Toulouse de Corbet 2009/03/26 12:53:31 AM
im still not feeling well, had my shots and de-worming yesterday. i also had a bath

Posted By: Toulouse de Corbet 2009/03/26 12:40:06 AM
hi bam-bam! *woof* *woof*

Posted By: nyok♥ 2009/03/25 02:34:02 AM
im good...sna kw dn:)

Posted By: Derby_Kulit 2009/03/24 10:31:35 AM
hi musta na?

Posted By: Bobae Ya 2009/03/23 10:05:29 PM
call me Bobae ya,,,cge, f have tym i'll be the one 2 visit u lol...got 2 go..have a nice day bam bam

Posted By: Bobae Ya 2009/03/23 09:39:39 PM
tnx po,,ang cute2 mo rn,,tc always

Posted By: nyok♥ 2009/03/22 05:41:08 AM
hi there! take care always buddy!:)

Posted By: Chloe M. Cagandahan 2009/03/18 08:44:02 AM
Hi Bam-Bam! I'm glad we became friends. You're really a gwaping na aso! Gwapitong gwapito! (^-^) Give my deepest regards to your amo! Arrf!

Posted By: Bruno 2009/03/17 08:22:15 PM
Hi Bam Bam - i can not believe how cute you are .

Posted By: LEILA :) 2009/03/13 07:31:50 AM
hi bambam!!! musta ka po??? ingat ingat po lagi!!! have a nice weekend!!! :)

Posted By: choco 2009/03/04 08:09:09 AM
tnx poh s pag add kay choco... owner...

Posted By: chichi 2009/03/04 08:06:01 AM
tnx poh s pag add....^_^

Posted By: KiMi 2009/03/03 12:46:45 AM
hi hi bam bam! thnx 4 adding me...

Posted By: DANTE 2009/03/02 10:48:28 PM
hi!!! bambam...tanx 4 da add,always be a good boy like me,,,arf!!arf!!

Posted By: Bronzone 2009/02/26 11:44:28 PM
hi bambam.., kmusta na..

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/02/26 06:58:57 AM
di pa nga eh! ayaw xe hulihin ni mommy.,huhu..baby ka pa xe bam kya cguro maikli pa hair mu.,dati din gnyan ln hair q eh..

Posted By: Jasmine Pueblos 2009/02/25 09:37:25 AM
cute naman ni Bambam

Posted By: savana 2009/02/25 03:55:12 AM
add mo ko barf barf

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/02/25 02:04:41 AM
Hi bam! eto oki ln naman..mejo pinagtatawanan aq nla mommy..huhuhu..bagong haircut xe aq eh..an panet q daw..

Posted By: cutieCARA 2009/02/24 04:38:19 AM
hello bam bam..you are so cute and chubby..you look so fluffy..ehehehe..how are you?

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/02/21 05:15:43 AM
haha! Bambam naman eh..Im not khintol..Im khintoi..hehe..

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/02/20 04:19:43 AM
Wala lng,ang cute2 mu xe eh..cute na cute sau c mommy q.,=)

Posted By: nippi 2009/02/20 02:20:48 AM
ung pedigree pkain n momy...eh sawa na ako.like k nman cook sya fried chicken for me.spoiled ako momy but she's in bad mood today.hayyy!!!

Posted By: nippi 2009/02/19 08:48:50 PM
Hi bam!glad to hear from u.sad ako kc sermon ako momy ko..dnt like to eat kc. gs2 ko kc chicken.and how are u nman my friend?

Posted By: nippi 2009/02/16 08:05:40 AM
hello bam bam...how are u na?

Posted By: KHINTOI 2009/02/09 08:03:09 AM
Hi bam-bam! ang cute mu naman..sana gurl ka na lang..hehe..=)

Posted By: 2009/02/08 10:03:16 PM
hello bambam, ok na ok naman ang pareng bembol mo, pogi pa rin hehe. mga ilang araw din na di nakapag-petster kasi dami asikaso e. cguro ikaw panay na naman ang pasyal mo no? cute-cute m pa rin! keep in touch friend=)

Posted By: barnette 2009/02/08 04:16:53 AM
no problemo my amigo arf arf:)

Posted By: Zeus - The Greatest Dog 2009/02/04 07:58:49 PM
Hi. Thanks for adding me up! I'm not really a fan of toy dogs but I still think you're cute.. :)

Posted By: TISOY 2009/02/03 10:22:14 PM
Hindi ka ba bumyahe lately? Kami galing sa Baguio, brrr, gininaw si Kuya Epoy pero ako hindi.

Posted By: LEILA :) 2009/01/30 06:14:36 AM
hello bam-bam!! ikaw dun ang cute cute mo.. sana makaswim din ako sa dagat.. hihi... ingat ingat po lagi ha.. :)

Posted By: snowhite 2009/01/29 10:04:53 PM
salamat din po!warFF!!!warFF!!! d po ako magiging makulit kay mum kay pa kuya at ate warFF!!!warFF cute mo rin po tnx aw

Posted By: snowhite 2009/01/29 10:03:32 PM
salat din po!warFF! warFF!! d po ako magiging makulit kay mum ka pa kuya at ate tnx po ahh warFF!!!warFF!!!

Posted By: saSHIMI 2009/01/21 09:24:36 AM
hi bambam. glad to hear from u... ingat ka rin parati, be a good dog ha=)

Posted By: Scrappy 2009/01/17 08:18:46 AM
Yo Bam! Wazzup? Hope okay ka lang jan.

Posted By: maru 2009/01/13 01:46:00 AM
musta k na bam-bam...arf arf!!!!

Posted By: saSHIMI 2009/01/12 07:20:28 PM
hi bambam! musta na ang friend ko

Posted By: Bronzone 2009/01/12 03:55:48 AM
hello bambam, kmusta kana..?

Posted By: Heart Margareth 2009/01/07 05:41:17 AM
my new year is fine.. nakakatakot pero hawak man ako ni mommy parati kaya ok lang..sayo bam kumusta

Posted By: chuchu 2009/01/07 05:24:52 AM
Myspace Emo Grap

Posted By: chuchu 2009/01/07 05:21:44 AM
Myspace Emo Grap

Posted By: Maicy Gray 2009/01/07 04:51:29 AM
hi bambam.. friends tayo ah.. don't bite me.. meowww

Posted By: Cloud 2009/01/07 04:36:33 AM
eow bam-bam! =) Happy new year rin! woof! Ur sooo cute!! =))

Posted By: pikachu 2009/01/06 09:57:13 AM
hi bam bam ang cute mo naman!!!thanx for adding me!!

Posted By: kobi 2009/01/06 06:54:40 AM
hi cuttie bam bam!you're so cute nman!

Posted By: snoopy 2009/01/05 02:07:02 AM
hello! cutei cute bam-bam belated hapi new year 2 u...hehehe...stay cute and nice.. =]

Posted By: Franky 2009/01/03 01:18:20 PM
Hello, this is Franky, I am going to delete my other profile, can you readd on this new profile I'm posting on? Thanks. Happy Holidays.

Posted By: Kruztee 2009/01/03 08:28:51 AM
thanks bambam! very cute!

Posted By: pOgi 2009/01/03 06:30:19 AM
..k lng..hahah..ang dami kng nakain..busOg talaga..hahahah..kaw bam-bam?........ang cute mO bam-bam!!!..

Posted By: pOgi 2009/01/03 06:22:51 AM
nO prOb..=)..same tOO yOu bam-bam!..

Posted By: 2009/01/03 03:30:29 AM
hehe sabi ko sau maginaw e... di bale marami pa namang susunod e, basta pag alis ka uli, patingin ng mga pics...

Posted By: Kruztee 2009/01/02 12:34:42 PM
hi!im new here.can u help me improve my profile?jst as lovely as urs.tnx!

Posted By: TISOY 2009/01/02 03:46:04 AM
Saan island kayo punta? Di ako puwede sa beach, takot ako sa tubeeeeg, hahaha.

Posted By: Molly 2009/01/02 12:31:56 AM
Happy New Year Bam-Bam!!

Posted By: jackpot 2009/01/02 12:08:26 AM
ur welcoMe..ok nman new yr ko..nbusog dhil sa media noche..ikw hows ur new yr

Posted By: 2009/01/01 09:20:28 PM

Posted By: 2009/01/01 08:58:58 PM
wow saya naman magbebeach kau... naku medyo takot ako sa tubig ngayon hehe maginaw e. cge enjoy bambam, alam ko pagbalik mo me mga bago ka na namang pics. patingin ha:)

Posted By: 2009/01/01 08:48:28 PM
binuksan na lang yung tv para di ko masyado marinig yung putukan... hehe. sigurado ako naging masaya ang new year nyo dyan=)

Posted By: 2009/01/01 08:44:22 PM
i had a great new year bambam. kain ako madami hehe kahit dog food lang ang sabi ng vet dahil overweight daw ako, di ko mapigilan e, madami food! yun nga lang, nung putukan na nasa loob lang ako ng bedroom, nagugulat at natatakot kasi ako e =)

Posted By: TISOY 2009/01/01 08:25:27 PM
Sarap new year namin dito kasi nag-joyride kami sa Tagaytay. Pero nung NY eve, naku, natakot si Kuya Epoy sa putukan. I hope oks lang kayo dyan, Bam-bam.

Posted By: saSHIMI 2009/01/01 08:10:39 PM
hi bambam! sa loob ng house lang, buhat ako ng ate & kuyas ko kya ok nman ako. i hate torotot lang, kaya sinira ko yung torotot ng kuya kong kiddo. hope you're ok din at hindi deaf arf arf... out of town na si ate, sila kuya guardian nmin ni sushi

Posted By: saSHIMI 2009/01/01 08:10:38 PM
hi bambam! sa loob ng house lang, buhat ako ng ate & kuyas ko kya ok nman ako. i hate torotot lang, kaya sinira ko yung torotot ng kuya kong kiddo. hope you're ok din at hindi deaf arf arf... out of town na si ate, sila kuya guardian nmin ni sushi

Posted By: saSHIMI 2009/01/01 08:10:29 PM
hi bambam! sa loob ng house lang, buhat ako ng ate & kuyas ko kya ok nman ako. i hate torotot lang, kaya sinira ko yung torotot ng kuya kong kiddo. hope you're ok din at hindi deaf arf arf... out of town na si ate, sila kuya guardian nmin ni sushi

Posted By: Happy China 2009/01/01 04:22:20 AM
sure why not? sorry for the late reply.

Posted By: saSHIMI 2008/12/30 08:05:31 PM
hi bambam........ ur sooo cute!

Posted By: kobi 2008/12/29 07:05:25 AM
hi ..........happy new year!

Posted By: Chichi 2008/12/28 09:33:09 PM
Advance Happy Newyear! Bambam arf!

Posted By: 2008/12/28 09:56:27 AM

Posted By: Sukie 2008/12/28 08:09:26 AM

Posted By: chErrY 2008/12/28 04:54:36 AM
hALo bAmbAm... tnX fOe aDdin mE...

Posted By: jiroh [RIP] 2008/12/28 03:13:44 AM
hahaha! hnd ung ex q.. ung aso..haha lanja.. nbsa p ng bf q comment m..hahaha lagot..

Posted By: ATE 2008/12/28 03:07:38 AM
sinong cute? haha. :D

Posted By: Tootskie&Pringles 2008/12/28 02:42:05 AM
Elow Bam, nice meeting u too.. maau kay duol2 ra ta.. kita kita nlng kng mag abot.. ^^

Posted By: neteruni 2008/12/28 02:17:44 AM
thanks for accepting my invite bam-bam..advance happy new year too..meow!

Posted By: Heart Margareth 2008/12/28 12:39:41 AM
ah ok tnx nlang ha

Posted By: Heart Margareth 2008/12/28 12:35:12 AM
hehehe super pasaway kaso no choice sya...everyday nga ako mag view sa profile mo kasi i love the song hehehe

Posted By: Heart Margareth 2008/12/28 12:24:14 AM
tnx ha..il wait

Posted By: Heart Margareth 2008/12/27 11:58:40 PM
hello bam..i love the music n ur profile..i dont know how 2 put it im my page..teach me how

Posted By: 2008/12/27 09:00:29 PM
hello bam-bam, happy new year! nga pala baka takot ka sa firecrackers, may blog ako tungkol sa mga tips para naman di tayo masyadong mataranta ngayong new year's eve, pwede mo basahin=)

Posted By: Bronzone 2008/12/27 05:00:50 PM
hi bambam, alam mo isa lng ang plano ko ang magtago.. lapit na new year putukan na, baka kac mabingi ko.. biruin mo cute nga ako bingi nman, ayoko noh.. hehehe

Posted By: jiroh [RIP] 2008/12/27 11:16:32 AM
hi bam bam.. ang cute2 m.. namiss q 2loi ung dog ng ex q.. c mop2..hahaha

Posted By: Bronzone 2008/12/26 03:31:53 AM
hello bambam, musta xmas mo.. ako okay lang laging nasasabihan ng cute.. hehehe.. advance happy new year!!!

Posted By: poy 2008/12/25 06:12:48 PM
merry xmas din poh..... happy new year....

Posted By: Dyosa Duchess 2008/12/24 01:15:48 PM
cutie cute cute!!!

Posted By: king 2008/12/24 10:59:15 AM
Hi bambam Merry Christmas!

Posted By: Nacho 2008/12/24 10:38:58 AM
Hi bambam Merry Christmas!

Posted By: Baby Coochie 2008/12/24 05:06:56 AM
Merry Christmas!=)

Posted By: Baby Coochie 2008/12/24 05:06:33 AM
Thank You! ang cute2x din n Bam-Bam.....

Posted By: SPIKEY 2008/12/24 02:07:37 AM
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to YOU & Your FAMILY

Posted By: TISOY 2008/12/24 01:37:44 AM
Katawa naman blog mo, Bambam. Buti pa mag-caroling ka na lang at baka dami pang magbigay, hehehe. Jingle bells, jingle bells, um-um ni Sabel, o what fun butong pakwan....

Posted By: Nina 2008/12/23 09:47:24 PM
Hi Bam Bam! Thanks for inviting me. Merry Christmas to you! You're so cute. :)

Posted By: Tintin 2008/12/22 09:33:25 PM
Merry Christmas

Posted By: hana yori dango愛松本月 2008/12/20 09:51:20 PM

Posted By: maru 2008/12/20 12:00:44 AM
hello bam bam! merry xmas... stay cute & kip safe... glad to be ur friend =)

Posted By: 2008/12/19 11:16:53 PM
bka nmn maubos na sweldo ng dady mo nyan... kung sabagay mukhang spoiled ka sknya ^_^ kmi rin eh...hehehehehe

Posted By: 2008/12/19 11:15:57 PM
eto ng-pa2cked na kc my pu2ntahn kming charity at mission nmin ay mgpasaya ng mga bata at bigyn ang parents nila ng pang0noche buena...about nmn smin sa haus lng tska noche buena at manu2od ng sine at ma2masyal ^_^ ikw swimming ulet?^_^?

Posted By: kokey 2008/12/19 11:01:01 PM
tnx for the add bam bam..... ^_^

Posted By: 2008/12/19 09:43:05 AM
abaaaaa...sosyal kna ngaun ah swim pool na naks! nmn ^_~

Posted By: hana yori dango愛松本月 2008/12/19 08:17:53 AM
hi bam bam im completely ok! im just so excited of the upcoming family affairs of my owner bcoz i know dat i may have the best costume compare to them hahahah

Posted By: maru 2008/12/18 11:25:39 PM
hello bam bam! ur so cute... kip safe buddy!!!

Posted By: Bubblelistic 2008/12/18 10:48:11 PM
hello bam-bam...you are so cute like me...

Posted By: cosmic 2008/12/18 10:37:42 PM
3 mos.ka plng? bkit ang chubby mo?? ang cute cute.. ano knakain mo? ako 8 mos na pro mas taba ka skin..

Posted By: Bronzone 2008/12/18 07:04:47 AM
hello bam, oo nga pareho tayo ng breed kaya cute tayo noh, thnks sa add..

Posted By: poochie 2008/12/18 04:18:45 AM
hi! babam how r u?

Posted By: ...♫nikki♫... 2008/12/18 03:37:16 AM
hi!!! thanks....ikaw rin ang cute mo

Posted By: hershey and myles 2008/12/18 01:43:05 AM
hi bam bam ur so cute naman....ingatz palagi..... :)

Posted By: 2008/12/17 10:41:22 AM
hello bam-bam, merry christmas=)

Posted By: Nacho 2008/12/16 09:17:52 PM
hi bam bam, ang gaganda ng picture mo. lagi b kau nag su-swimming?

Posted By: snoopy 2008/12/15 07:16:56 PM
hello bam bam ..ur so cute..hehehe.. i like it so much!,...

Posted By: PrinCeSs 2008/12/15 12:06:02 PM
hi bam2 merry christmas cute!

Posted By: 2008/12/15 10:32:31 AM
hi bam2!nu plan mo this x-mas?by the way mery x-mas!take care my frend!

Posted By: Yuki 2008/12/15 10:02:49 AM
helow again...bam bam be gud alwys..

Posted By: Maroo 2008/12/15 08:53:20 AM
Advance Merry Christmas! take care always=)

Posted By: hershey and myles 2008/12/15 06:25:12 AM
Advance Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!!!

Posted By: SPIKEY 2008/12/14 11:23:04 PM
Hi Bam Bam ang cute mo naman... taga Leyte Mama ko, uwi nga kami ngayong month dun mag New Year, taga Tacloban kami... naka punta na ako ng Maasin last year December din may mga kamag-anak kmi dyan..

Posted By: TISOY 2008/12/14 02:32:35 AM
Sa Leyte pala yang MAASIN. Muntik na tayong maging magkababayan, ang prov kasi namin sa SALT LAKE CITY, wahehe.

Posted By: Yuki 2008/12/14 12:02:17 AM
helow bambam ur so cute....ingatz

Posted By: TISOY 2008/12/13 11:24:54 PM
BAM,curious lnag ako, saan ba yang MAASIN CITY? Visayas o Mindanao?

Posted By: 2008/12/13 10:46:31 PM
bam2 sbi ng momi q lagot ka dw sknya pgnkita ka nya ya2kapin kang mhigpit na mhgpit ^_^ hehehehe

Posted By: 2008/12/13 10:43:54 PM
nilagay kna na ba bam2 sa salbabida msarap un..gus2 q nga sna kyalng ur so far ^_^ daming mmo nmn regalo x-mas tree pla yn nsa likod mo kya pla colorful ^_^

Posted By: popoy 2008/12/13 06:47:08 PM
hello buddy,,galing mg-alaga ng tatay mu coz ur so well taken care of.. have more enjoyable bondings together!!!

Posted By: Jessie 2008/12/13 02:43:54 PM
Sure :3

Posted By: kaye 2008/12/13 09:17:50 AM
hallo bam-bam! ur so cute nman! arf! arf! :)

Posted By: TISOY 2008/12/13 07:43:46 AM
Balak ng mommy ko na mag-EB tayo kaso layo-layo bahay natin eh. Baka si PARIS at mommy ni BUDDY (yung namatay) magkita kami this Christmas sa Las Pinas.

Posted By: 2008/12/13 06:50:43 AM
wow..nice nmn ^_^ new pic nice backround saan yn kinuha? dun din ba yn sa beach?

Posted By: 2008/12/13 02:04:01 AM
wla nmn...buntis lng sis polly q ^_^ un lng...bam2 mtanung q lng cnu ung puppy na panglima sa huli mong pic..kc prng hnd ata ikw un..kmag-anak mo ba?

Posted By: Negra 2008/12/12 08:29:10 PM
thank you bambam for adding me as your friend!!!

Posted By: Dambo 2008/12/12 12:54:07 AM
yup, of course... ^_^

Posted By: Ydot 2008/12/11 09:57:36 PM
yap! thax for visiting...

Posted By: 2008/12/11 10:24:00 AM
hello bam-bam, i just wanted 2 drop by & say woof! hehehe... gudnyt buddy=)

Posted By: Hazelnut 2008/12/11 01:30:36 AM
sure, why not! let's be friends.. :)

Posted By: King Charlemagne 2008/12/10 06:56:27 PM
chicken and beef..are the essence of life! nice of you to drop by :)

Posted By: Happy China 2008/12/10 07:19:56 AM
sure. you look cute too. i guess a shitzu and a spitz mixed will look cute ^^

Posted By: kurby 2008/12/10 06:41:36 AM
♥cool ako dyan,kaw dn sa2got pamasahi ko ha...arf arf....many happy tail to u♥

Posted By: king 2008/12/10 05:34:07 AM
sure, i want to be ur friend too...

Posted By: kurby 2008/12/10 04:41:40 AM
♥ai,tommy rub pala..heheh..hnd rob..sori..

Posted By: kurby 2008/12/10 04:40:33 AM
♥tnx u,kaw dn ur so cutie..u knw to swim na pala ako hnd pah..busy kac c mame sa work at c dade sa skul...k lang baka may family outing kami...arf..arf...tommy rob♥

Posted By: 2008/12/09 06:57:58 AM
kyalng bam2 lau mo eh..treat mo q sa pamasahe..hehehehe..la money momy q eh...mdami pa kami ^_^ ikw nlng imbitahn q sa baguio resort dun kmi ngswi2mming ^_^welcum ka my frend =)buti hnd ka nta2ngay ng alon?lage ka ba ngpu2nta sa beach? =)

Posted By: Sharpay Rebullida Segovia 2008/12/07 10:15:54 PM
okay.. :))

Posted By: 2008/12/07 10:19:36 AM
anu na mga alm mo langoy aso?turuan mo ko ah.. ^_^

Posted By: 2008/12/07 10:18:43 AM
bam2 san kau ulit ngswim2 ^_^

Posted By: Kashieca Velchez Denaga 2008/12/07 05:23:42 AM
keep on bouncing!! hihi tnx din!

Posted By: Kashieca Velchez Denaga 2008/12/07 05:23:25 AM
xure thing bam!

Posted By: EPOY 2008/12/07 01:34:35 AM
Thanks sa tip. Sabihin ko kay Ninong ko baka magawa niyang pagalawin din ang pics ko.

Posted By: EPOY 2008/12/07 12:31:20 AM
Paano gumagalaw pics mo? Galing naman ng boss mo.

Posted By: Boris Margarett 2008/12/06 08:37:36 AM
hi bam-bam,thanks for the add...

Posted By: Boris Margarett 2008/12/06 08:36:50 AM
hi bam-bam

Posted By: Nacho 2008/12/06 06:01:10 AM
hi! Bam-Bam sana ako rin maka punta sa beach

Posted By: EPOY 2008/12/06 04:25:48 AM
Ganda ng pics mo, kainggit naman.

Posted By: Scrappy 2008/12/05 10:13:29 AM
Hullo again Bam-bam! Ang ganda naman jan sa inyo. Dito puro bundok nakikita ko. :-( Siguro galing-galing mo na mag-swim. Good for you.

Posted By: Winsee 2008/12/05 09:03:24 AM
ang cute naman...hehehe

Posted By: TISOY 2008/12/05 07:16:01 AM
Beach? Naku, takot ako sa tubig, hehehe. Thank you na lang.

Posted By: lovely 2008/12/05 06:33:04 AM
iam fine warf warff!!!!!!!

Posted By: 2008/12/05 06:24:23 AM
buti kapa pa-beach beach ka lng ^_^ cguro dami beach sainu =)

Posted By: 2008/12/05 03:28:24 AM
hahahah..cge ba aq sa pagkain..hehehe ^_^

Posted By: Bam-bam 2008/12/05 03:05:21 AM
tlaga juliet..?? dto lang to sa amin sa leyte... ang saya-saya ko tlaga... punta kyo dto... ligo tyo... warff!! warrff!!

Posted By: 2008/12/05 02:03:33 AM
hi bam2!naks pabeach2 nlng ^_^ pro kung ti2gnan ung pic mo pra kang nsa hollywood usa ^_^ sosyal =)

Posted By: TISOY 2008/12/04 11:59:32 PM
Dami tao dumadaan sa harap namin kaya busy ako sa barking, hehehe. Nilagyan na nga ni mommy ng sign na NO BARKING, ahahay.

Posted By: TISOY 2008/12/04 08:58:55 PM
La lang, nag-hello lang. Miss na kasi kita eh... uyyyyy!

Posted By: Tintin 2008/12/04 12:57:53 AM

Posted By: hana yori dango愛松本月 2008/12/04 12:20:12 AM

Posted By: hana yori dango愛松本月 2008/12/04 12:14:05 AM
hi bam bam! tnx 4 being my friend every friend of mine is special! take care always!

Posted By: hana yori dango愛松本月 2008/12/03 11:30:36 PM
hi bam bam can we be friends how are you

Posted By: Steve 2008/12/03 11:17:25 PM
hi! ya sure add me in! arf!=)

Posted By: Bheybie LeXy 2008/12/03 09:19:19 PM
thankzz.. ur cute too.. sure, y not my friend!!!

Posted By: Bheybie LeXy 2008/12/03 09:16:09 PM
thankz 4 d add, cutie BamBam!!! keep safe.. =)

Posted By: Tuti 2008/12/03 12:49:54 AM
ei bambam, thanks for the add! =D take care

Posted By: flik 2008/12/01 11:41:07 AM
i love the fur you're wearing. arf! arf!

Posted By: TISOY 2008/11/30 11:51:48 PM
Looks like you are fond of the beach. I don't like water, hehehe, I only like Tagaytay and Baguio.

Posted By: lovely 2008/11/30 08:03:22 PM
hi bambam ang cute mo nman.

Posted By: Scrappy 2008/11/28 10:54:02 AM
Hullo Bam-bam. Ang cute mo tulad ko. :-) Tell your kuya to add more pix of you. Take care.

Posted By: 2008/11/28 04:41:37 AM
gud eveniiing bam-bam... thank u sa pagbati :)

Posted By: sassie 2008/11/27 11:38:15 PM
hello bam-bam

Posted By: 2008/11/27 07:03:03 AM
tnx 4 d add bam-bam... arf! arf! hehehe

Posted By: Jassy 2008/11/27 04:45:30 AM
ang astig ni bam-bam!!! rock and roll!!...please add my jassy...thanks!!

Posted By: 2008/11/26 11:56:36 PM
thnx! for the add ^_^

Posted By: PrinCeSs 2008/11/26 09:48:02 AM
Thanks ur sooo cute

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