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Owner: Cammy

Chihuahua/ Miniature Pinscher Dog Jose

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Gender: Female
Age: 43
Last Activity: 177 month(s) ago
Location: Post Falls, Idaho
Country: United States

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Big E
Cat, unknown

Dog, Chihuahua

Dog, Lhasa Apso/ Chihuahua mix

Dog, Yellow Labrador Retriever

Dog, Chihuahua/ Miniature Pinscher

Dog, Pug

Dog, Pug

Dog, Canaan dog mix

Pet: Jose

Name Jose
Nickname Vermy..who cares?
Species Dog
Breed Chihuahua/ Miniature Pinscher
Gender Male
Hometown Spokane
Country United States
Zipcode 83854
Birthdate 2004-07-18
Height under 20 inches
Weight under 10 lbs.
Favorite Activity Racing in the clouds..and soaring with the wind...
Favorite Park Never went to any.
Favorite Food DOG food..?
Favorite Treat The kind dogs eat.
Favorite Toy Little colorful frisbee.....
Favorite Shows Anything people watch....fine with me...
Favorite Music Rock..hehe
Favorite Movies Lassie, Air-bud, red dawn...I dont watch 'em..so why should it matter?
Best Trick Sit and Shake
Worst Trick Fetch
Favorite Moments Coming home
Embarassing Moments When he fell in the toilet....
Likes People, heaven, mommy....
Dislikes Being proved wrong all the time...
My First Day Home N/A

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Profile Views: 44748

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Jose's Blogs

Feb 10, 2007 Say it right 0 Comments

Jose's Comments
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Posted By: 2007/07/02 06:39:42 PM
ummm...CO hit like 112

Posted By: 2007/07/01 04:00:43 PM
good. So...is it hot in Pf?

Posted By: 2007/06/28 10:44:57 PM
how are you?

Posted By: 2007/06/22 04:59:06 PM

Posted By: 2007/04/05 01:08:27 AM

Posted By: Fade 2007/04/02 05:52:23 PM
you told cookees mom that we had to talk about why you are ignoring me..but you wont talk to me!

Posted By: Fade 2007/03/09 03:54:44 PM
Hey, hows your momma doing?

Posted By: Fade 2007/02/14 03:51:57 PM
oh, and we are getting a dog park in CDA with an agility course!

Posted By: Fade 2007/02/13 07:44:48 PM
:( I really love you! and Brownie wants to try again with Herk! PLEASE. I will do anything

Posted By: Fade 2007/02/13 07:43:48 PM
please baby!

Posted By: Fade 2007/02/13 06:26:21 PM
PLEASE jose! I love you

Posted By: 2007/02/08 06:04:24 PM
I cant be single anymore..i love YOU and only you :(

Posted By: 2007/01/23 03:44:10 PM
I wub you! We havent talked in a while!

Posted By: 2007/01/17 04:38:43 PM
T.J and other pups are talking about me :(

Posted By: 2007/01/17 04:36:03 PM
Yea, i am talking to him...but dont worry, we're just pals..

Posted By: Asia 2007/01/16 10:40:46 PM
aww im so sad prrr prrrr

Posted By: 2007/01/15 10:26:04 AM
Hey...we havent talked in a while :(

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/12 04:18:17 PM

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/12 04:18:04 PM
Oh, I didn't even nptice that. But, I do accept your agology.

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/11 03:51:38 PM
I guess I accept your agology...

Posted By: 2007/01/09 03:23:17 PM
and hiya baby!

Posted By: 2007/01/09 02:31:17 PM
sorry bout all this guys..i hope you three can forgive me!

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/08 04:56:10 PM
That just ticks me off.......and you wanna be with "T.J" again!! So, I was just letting you know I wasn't going to steal her from you. I pawmise I wasn't trying to start anything, sorry...

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/08 04:54:59 PM
I was Fade's old husband. I only commented because I saw something on Fade's comment thing that you posted that said "What?! Did you even tell the stupid "dog" that thought we broke up in the first place that he's wrong?? That just ticks me off.......and

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/08 05:06:01 AM
The reason why I put " around a word is because this is virtual and I can't steal her. I have a girlfriend, I don't need another, now do I?? Just please stop being rude and everything will work out fine.

Posted By: flashy 2007/01/07 11:29:13 PM
ok thats kool ,ya i know what u mean the DRama needs to end pups!!! anyways ur a pretty kool pup and sorry about before didnt mean to take it out on u at all just was abit confused with the sistuation thats all..

Posted By: flashy 2007/01/07 09:16:04 PM
hey , just wanted to say hi ummm not to sure if ur ok with me talking to u (and no im not gonna try to talk to fade,plus i dont wanna cus no one needs drama ,im not sayin shes not a great pup just dont need the drama) so hey

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/07 03:24:30 PM
You chill out...I'll leave you alone. I was just making sure you know I won't "steal" her. Geesh, sorry.

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/05 06:14:49 AM
oops. forgot to finish. I'm not going to steal "your" preicous Fade away from you, got it?

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/05 06:14:15 AM
You know, I have a girl. So, I'm not going to steal

Posted By: 2007/01/04 04:41:21 PM
check the blogs~

Posted By: 2007/01/04 02:06:00 PM
i have chosen!

Posted By: Jose 2007/01/03 08:01:34 PM
Like I said....no one has to be in this...and we arent really bothering anyone...so like...geez...and I dont wanna be a part of this anymore...someone just cant seem to make up their mind.

Posted By: 2007/01/03 06:37:48 PM
please dont start drama man!*

Posted By: 2007/01/03 06:37:24 PM
young* sorry spelling errors xD

Posted By: 2007/01/03 06:37:15 PM

Posted By: 2007/01/03 06:37:09 PM
Fade quit being rude to these two ahndsome ypoung men(FLashy&Jose) PICK the one you like please don't man! I already had to deal with enough drama here D=

Posted By: 2007/01/03 04:24:06 PM
??????Yes, i did tell that dog..and I dont want TJ anymore!

Posted By: 2007/01/03 01:44:43 PM
no, you didnt lose everything, i still love you and want to be with you!

Posted By: 2007/01/02 03:12:08 PM
no, i havent been talking to Flashy!

Posted By: flashy 2007/01/01 04:02:01 PM
ya it was a blast in canada we had so much fun

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/31 11:10:33 PM
Happy New years to u too hope u have a great year!!!

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/31 08:13:01 PM
no i havent talked to her in awhile

Posted By: Belle 2006/12/29 02:52:07 PM
your sooo small and cute

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/29 01:41:12 PM
so u wanna be with jose (thats awsome) and friends with me? ok i guess dont know why though but ok anyways i deleted u off msn so i need to add u again but cant remember ur msn sorry

Posted By: 2006/12/29 10:58:20 AM
Okay...ATTENTION: Jose, I was told by a little doggie that you had broken up with me! That is why I put that on his page. Okay? That is why it is there. I got told you broke up with me! And as for Flashy. I still cant talk to you on MSN. I wanna be pals.

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/28 08:07:23 PM
ok if u wanna know whats going on ask fade and look at TJ's page and see what is writen and i think u will know who she wants but i dont wanna go through the drama again

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/28 08:01:52 PM
well for 1 be nice and relax or dont talk to me and 2 ask fade not me cus im single and thought u were with her

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/27 01:04:30 PM
why u have jose be happy with him and leave me alone or im leaving petster i already am hurtin and never wanna date again what else u wana do to me hurt me even more

Posted By: 2006/12/27 01:00:31 PM
talk to me!

Posted By: 2006/12/25 09:46:24 PM
thanks flashy <3

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/25 02:42:30 PM
yes i would have to agree with u

Posted By: 2006/12/25 02:26:25 PM
silly xD dont scare us like that BOL

Posted By: 2006/12/25 02:26:11 PM
oh kewl :3

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/24 08:14:59 PM
hey ya ok u can have my msn ummm how do i send it with out giving it to everyone?

Posted By: 2006/12/24 05:14:44 PM
OMD I thought you were gone D":

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